3x12” Acoustic suspension subwoofer

The Altano system is a long excursion acoustic suspension subwoofer consisting of 3 12-inch long-excursion woofers housed in three ovoid volumes structure connected and fused to form an extremely light and rigid monolithic structure. The total power of the system is over 2700 Watts, having high sensitivity (97 dB 1W/1m), with a total radiant surface equivalent to a 21-inch diaphragm. The composite material by which it is composed allows for high stiffness and avoids the triggering of resonances of the speaker walls.
Compared to a traditional subwoofer made of wood, the Altano system does not present harmful structural vibrations, as well as having very high resistance to atmospheric agents. The shape itself without parallel walls avoids the formation of internal standing waves with considerable advantages for having a clean and precise sound. The Altano system is suitable for creating full-range systems with high acoustic impact. Ideal for forming a system with Zephyrus, Ostro, and Kona products, where quality and power are achieved through a compact Subwoofer. The 12-inch woofers, 3 units, are connected in a parallel setup.