Acoustic suspension subwoofer

Borea Sub 13.1 is a long excursion acoustic suspension system in a ovoidal axisymmetric closed structure, characterized by extreme sensitivity, dynamics and emission power, made with an incredibly rigid and light structure of durable composite materials. Unlike all other alternatives currently available, this low-frequency speaker was made without technical and dimensional compromises, with structural technologies not utilized in the professional audio market. Thus it achieves maximum acoustic performance with an elegant design and a unique personality. All other subwoofers on the professional audio market are built inside wooden box structures. This makes them flawed due to structural resonances and internal acoustic problems related to stationary waves.

Borea Sub 13.1 uses a single high quality , high excursion transducer of 12“diameter. The structure is rigid and very light (considering the overall weight and the dB/Kg ratio). The aesthetic impact is extraordinary and is absolutely unique on the professional sound market.