Technical features of the PIONEER CDJ 3000:

- Flagship multiplayer
- Advanced MPU (microprocessor-based unit)
- Advanced audio design (96 kHz/32-bit internal moving resolution)
- High-resolution 9-inch touch screen with improved readability
- The jog wheel that makes all the difference: smoother than ever before
- Robust components
- Pro DJ Link with Gigabit Ethernet
- Touch Preview
- Touch signal
- Stacked waveform
- Supports 3-band waveforms
- Key sync and key shift: mix in perfect harmony
- New user interface for effortless creativity
- Eight hot cue buttons
- Dedicated buttons for skipping beats
- Advanced Auto Rhythm Loop section
- Flexible implementation options
- Pro DJ Link with advanced lighting control


150 € per day
(Excl. VAT, transport)