High quality passive crossover

The Pequod products have been conceived with the goal of reaching an extreme quality of sound in the mid range, for refined treble, and low range for a solid and of strong impact. In order to achieve such standards it is not simply necessary the use of transducers with a correct acoustic load, in addition they must be correctly filtered through crossover in order to achieve a dynamic and linear global result, that is able to exalt and integrate to perfection the response of woofers, mid range and high frequency transductors. The extreme design of the Pequod passive crossovers, allows for maximum efficiency from each single component of the system , with extreme global integration. Most of our products can be driven, easily, with a single amplification channel, without the need for a joint multi-amplification paired with a dsp. The architecture of our crossovers are often unconventional and extreme, in order to reach a very precise and studied result, without compromising sound. Furthermore, the quality of the components used to make the crossovers are from standard high end derivation; making extensive use of inductances wrapped in air, capacitors in polypropylene and non-inductive dissipating resistors. We strive to achieve extreme quality sound from speakers with great visual impact in order to please the most demanding customers.