Powerful and Precise Horn Loaded Subwoofer

The Hydra is a huge horn-loaded subwoofer that takes center stage in the best installations of Pequod systems. Characterized by the development of the circular sections and its long length, the Hydra guarantees the perfect loading of low frequencies in sensitivity, depth, control and SPL.

The most common, powerful subwoofers on the market (contained within wooden boxes) are horn loaded speakers with several internal turns, less than optimal curvatures, and reduced length. This leads to lower sensitivity, sound reflections that create distortions, ripples and inferior loading. The Hydra solves these problems by proposing a unique solution, an uncompromised horn designed to produce the clearest and strongest bass notes possible.


The Scorpion DP version is compact compared to the SP version, without losing performance. The extreme dimensions of the normal Hydra have led us to design a version with an extra curve, allowing for installations in areas with less vertical height, while still producing excellent performance.