Vertical DJ Monitor or Compact System

Designed to meet the requirements of the most exacting artists, the Kona Storm is a new system based on Pequod’s experience and feedback from users of our larger systems. This compact system has all the power needed to fill a large space, but is designed to focus sound in a small area, exactly what professional DJs need, either as a personal monitor or to fill intimate event spaces with rich sound. The name comes from the Hawaiian Language: Kona Storms are powerful cyclones from the west that shake the islands several times a year.

Composed of two main parts, starting with the Ovoidal 5.1 long excursion 18” bass reflex subwoofer, and adding a new headboard made from a high speed and high sensibility 12” Cone Woofer connected to two compression drivers, one dedicated to the medium range frequency that gives definition and truthfulness to vocals, and the other covering the high range frequency with extremely clear and defined sound. The shape, with the emission centers close to each other and designed like a passive crossover, makesd the sound front compact and extremely focused, with a realistic tridimensional reconstruction of the sound and a binaural sensation also in the case of a close listening distance (minimum 135 cm). 

The Artists’ Choice

The Kona Storm monitor system is characterized by the impressive dynamic response of the transient.  It is possible to manage the three transducers of the Kona Storm 6.1 through the passive crossover by a single amplification channel.  Otherwise is possible to switch off the 12” woofer to made a 2 active lines speaker. The head easily supports in power the presence of two 18 "5.1 ovoidal subwoofers for each channel, obtaining performances at very high sound pressure.