Three way passive, symmetrical configuration

The new Mistral loudspeaker system, together with the Aliseo system, belongs to the new family of loudspeakers with a symmetrical configuration recently designed by Pequod.

Mistral is an elegant composite material system using very high quality and specialized transducers. The system has an horizontal, symmetrical, compact design in relation to the performance. The central unit of the medium-high frequencies is made using optimized drivers acoustically loaded with frontal horns, with a circular development. On both sides of the central element we find a pair of 10” high excursion woofers, bass reflex loaded, in separate volumes. Inside the system there is a passive crossover. It’s an extreme design, like every crossover we make, and it’s made using high-grade components, optimized to extract the maximum from the individual transducers and create a perfectly integrated global system between the individual ways.

The sonic result is once again surprising and in line with the Pequod family sound that characterizes the full range systems of our production: clear and natural mid range, refined high frequencies and solid, well damped low frequencies. The great naturalness of the voices presentation, in full mid range, is something that strikes the listener from the very first listening.

The extremes of the range, both in low and in high frequency, complete the sound characteristics of the new Mistral at the same Three way passive, symmetrical configuration qualitative level. Dynamics is another system feature, in addition to high power and negligible distortion. These feastures make Mistral perfect for use as a high power central channel in sophisticated home theater systems, such as those achievable with Pequod products. Another option is to use Mistral suspended, against a wall or in a corner, to create sound spaces in large areas with low ceiling heights: typically in sophisticated clubs, where Mistral can be as stand alone version or, alternatively, with an Ovoid 18 type subwoofer, to get extremely high sound pressure level. In every situation it will be the maker of very high quality sound spaces.