Four-way top quality system

Orion is a full range, 4-way, no compromise system characterized by a horn-loaded upper unit (with a High-End derived curvature) for medium-high frequencies, from closely spaced acoustic sources, and a lower, 12”, direct radiation medium-bass unit with high sensitivity and dynamics. This configuration was already proven on our Kona flagship model, and the Orion retains its extremely dynamic characteristics, midrange realism, and refinement in high frequencies, as well as the ability to create an incredibly realistic three-dimensional sound stage even for listeners that are very close to the unit.

An internal crossover featuring extreme circuit design and top quality components(Air core coils, polypropylene capacitors), gives precise control over the 12” Mid freq Horn / High freq Horn combination, ensuring transparency, dynamics and realism. The subwoofer duties are entrusted to an 18” unit with high sensitivity and control, with great dynamic impact and response depth in low frequency.

All transducers (18”, 12”, Mid freq driver, High freq driver) are high quality, without technological or commercial compromise. The monolithic unit structure, made in composite materials, is extremely rigid and free from resonance, and relatively light considering the total size of the system. Orion allows you to get extreme levels of performance with extreme focus, realism, and power. This allows its use as both a Studio monitor, Dj monitor, or when aimed at an audience: in every application it brings the listener into the music itself, with an astonishing level of realism.

The loudspeaker system Orion 16.1 is a four-way top quality system. Built from high-quality composite materials. Heavy duty, highly resistant to scratches and bumps. Highly resistant to rain and sun. All metal parts are built-in stainless steel. Mid-low frequency direct emission component is characterized by a light structure with a highly resistant ovoid shell containing a 12” woofer with a range of 100-500 Hz and sensitivity of 100dB 1W/1m, continuous power handling 1400 W. Medium frequencies: full frontal round horn, equipped with a 2’’ compression driver; continuous power handling 160 W; sensitivity (coupled to the horn) of 110 dB 1W/1m . High frequencies: horn equipped with a 1’’ compression driver; continuous power handling 160 W; Sensitivity (coupled to the horn) 109 dB 1W/1m.