Ostro Compact Full-Range Loudspeaker

A full-range Loudspeaker designed bring Pequods’ distinct sound to smaller spaces where our larger systems do not fit. It is also perfect for covering parts of larger spaces not adequately reached by the main diffusion systems. The main feature is the great perceived emission power accompanied by the exclusive acoustic quality, even without the use of dedicated subwoofers.

The Ostro speaker has been designed according to the needs of the most demanding and experienced club managers, who have asked for less invasive systems for their more exclusive or simply limited spaces. All this without losing the great perceived emission power accompanied by an excellent acoustic quality typical of Pequod Acoustics systems. The refined design and the materials used in the construction also make this speaker unique in the panorama of the professional market for this type of size and power range.

Ostro is the name of the swift wind that blows across southern Greece and Italy from the south, and is also the name of a Greco/Roman mythological figure representing this wind, son of Astreus and Eos.

Advanced Tech in a Tiny Shell

Made with a 10" coaxial speaker of very high sensitivity and electro-acoustic quality, with a high frequency driver using a titanium diaphragm, it is driven by an external passive crossover of very high quality and technological complexity, absolutely unique to Pequod and specific to each model. This technology allows the Ostro to greatly surpass, in quality, the traditional control techniques that use DSP or low quality analog crossovers.

The possibility of use without a dedicated subwoofer and the very controlled and regular dispersion make it a flexible and easily accessible solution even for limited spaces, always maintaining high quality sound diffusion levels. The driver technology guarantees very high perceived power without distortion. Various anchoring, suspension and protection solutions are available even for difficult outdoor environments.