Very High Performance 3 way Horn-Loaded System

Polyphemus is a high performance, passively amplified, full-horn, three-way system. A professional HI-PRO three-way audio system with horn-loaded speaker technology. Polyphemus is designed to seamlessly integrate the dedicated transducers with composite horns for elevated sensitivity, dynamics, definition and durability. By providing wide angle coverage of a highly controlled sound field, it has the ability to reach sound levels at the limits of human tolerance with no perceptible distortion. The system is thus characterized by extraordinary sound quality while reaching elevated sonic pressures.

Assembled it forms a triptych of large horns in frontal development. The Hf and mid range horns are brought together in a single group, with a development such as to create spherical emission waves, great integration between high and medium frequency and wide, symmetrical and uniform acoustic coverage. They have levels of efficiency and sensitivity that are truly out of the ordinary. This allows for excellent dynamics that distinguish the entire system from the first listen. The midbass-horn uses its superior dimensions to achieve, with a powerful 12” midbass woofer, extraordinary performances. Due to its elevated sensitivity, the system requires limited amplification power, and therefore permits an extreme simplification of the line of inputs for playback.