High Performance Mid-High Range System

The Shockwave is a highly adaptable system that serves as a starting point for large and small scale installations. A pair of units, each with three specialized horns, guarantees excellent coverage of mid and high range sound at any power level, allowing for the addition of more units and other speaker types as necessary for each application.

A professional HI-PRO four channel audio system with horn loaded speaker technology, Shockwave is designed to seamlessly integrate with its dedicated transducers, contained within a structure built from high resistance composite materials shaped for elevated sensitivity, dynamics and definition. It features wide angle coverage of a highly controlled sound field, and the ability to reach sound levels at the limits of human tolerance without perceptible distortion.

Each Shockwave unit is comprised of three full-frontal horns, two of which have a circular section and are dedicated to the mid and mid-low frequencies, while the third has a different shape optimized for only the highest frequencies.

Thanks to its elevated sensibility, the system requires limited amplification power, and permits an extreme simplification of the line of inputs for playback. Components such as the speakers,

woofers and compression drivers all represent world class quality, without commercial or technological compromises. All elements are replaceable and easily serviced with simple tools, should damage occur.