Two way passive coaxial

Zephyrus is a compact product designed around a 5 inch coaxial high per- formance speaker. It has a mid woofer of 5 inches with a horn loaded and coaxial driver capable of high resolution at high frequency. The body is realized in composite material, light yet resistant, capable of withstanding shock and atmospheric agents. This is the perfect product to create sound quality loyal systems that respects vocal quality. It is also ideal to create satellite + subwoofer systems that maintain high quality with low encumbrance. It excels in its goal of sonorizing small rooms or areas in clubs. Multiple Zephyrus speakers allow for an equal diffusion of extreme high quality sound in an open area. Another use is the connection to a studio system or a PC workstation where sound quality and sound detail has to be immediately recognizable. Pairing the Zephyrus with the Borea sub (ovoid system) allows to create a full range system, compact and dynamic, and is therefore suggested. The passive crossover, realized without compromise, selecting the most high quality components, allows control of the Zephyrus with a single amplification channel.