3-way horn-loaded passive system

Scirone is a passive 3-way horn-loaded system with an extended low-frequency direct emission component. Professional HI-PRO two-way audio system with horn-loaded speaker technology, designed to seamlessly integrate with dedicated transducers, built from high resistance composite materials for elevated sensitivity, dynamics, and definition.

Wide-angle coverage of a highly controlled sound field, and the ability to reach high sound pressure levels without perceptible distortion. A pair of large full-frontal horns manage the high-mid frequency range : they are connected in a single framework, with a rear cover, and removable from the lower Ovoid 15 mid-woofer. The horns are managed by a dedicated specific, inner, passive crossover filter, no compromise design, to get the best performance. The high- range horn is characterized by a special high-end derivation design.

The long and complex development with variable sections (from round to elliptical) allows a wide dispersion with powerful loading. The new Scirone mid-range horn has a unique design that creates an extraordinary level of efficiency and sensitivity. This allows for excellent dynamics that distinguish the entire system from the very first listen. The extended low-frequency direct emission component is characterized by a light ovoid shell structure, highly resistant, containing a 15 “woofer with a 35-400 Hz range and high sensitivity. This component can alone cover the mid and low frequencies or can be assisted by additional subwoofers to cover the lower frequencies with additional power. The low frequency woofer features a water-resistant cone. Components such as the speakers, woofers, and compression drivers all represent world-class quality, without commercial or technological compromises. Thanks to its elevated sensitivity, the system requires limited amplification power.